I was always a little bit creative. When I was a kid, my favourite hobbies were drawing and lego. Imagining and building. I wanted to make things for a living, but I never knew what.

Luckily, computers and technology turned out to be much more of a creative outlet than my parents let me believe, allowing me to complete an honours degree in Digital Art and Technology of all things. Younger me would be jealous.

What I Do

I spend my days as a software developer, helping to build all kinds of cool websites, applications, and gadgets. But on top of that, I've developed a great interest in all things techy.

Internet of Things, installations, visualisations, Virtual Reality; I dabble in everything I can get my hands on. Simply put, if I can tap away on my keyboard or poorly solder one thing to another to create something cool or interesting, I'm going to give it my best shot.

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