This week I wanted to find out just how much oil there was in the world. The numbers were astonishingly large. 1.7 trillion barrels of proven reserves globally. “That’s a lot…” I thought to myself, until I read further and found that we use almost 100,000,000 barrels a day.

Punching these numbers into a calculator told me that, with current global usage and the current proven reserves, there would be less than 50 years until oil reserves ran out. This was shocking to me, within the lifetime of many of the world’s inhabitants. Will children of today be the first generation to go completely-oil free? If these numbers are to be believed, they don’t have a choice.

Therefore, as a constant reminder that the clock is ticking, I created a ticking clock forever counting down until the black gold is gone. Forever.

The stats were taken from the BP statistical review of world energy from June 2017, with data accurate for 2016.