One Polygon are a Virtual Reality and 3D design agency based in Plymouth, UK. They came to me needing a new website to help them improve their web presence, showcase the great work they do, and to attract new opportunities. Their requirements stood out compared to other work I’ve done, thanks to the contemporary sector they work in.


  1. Responsive web application, supporting modern browsers on desktop, tablet, and mobile.
  2. Effectively communicate One Polygon’s expertise and available 3D design and Virtual Reality services
  3. Provide a means for One Polygon to show off existing 3D design and Virtual Reality work
  4. Utilise One Polygon’s brand style inline with their 3D expertise
  5. Blogging and CMS platform through which One Polygon can communicate with their audience
  6. Extend One Polygon’s Twitter reach through an embedded Twitter timeline



The site shifts and scales elegantly to make the best use of all available space, while keeping the user experience as simple and positive as possible.

3D Design and VR Expertise and Showcasing



Landing pages were created for both 3D design projects and Virtual Reality projects, where One Polygon can link to their best work.


OnePolygon Sketchfab Example


Utilising Sketchfab’s embed features, One Polygon are able to showcase their 3D design abilities directly in their homepage, in real time, 3D, and VR.

Brand Style

Echoing One Polygon’s expertise in 3D design, subtle parallax scroll and animations are present throughout the site to provide a feeling of movement within a larger space, like their Virtual Reality work provides.

Blogging and CMS Platform

Naturally, WordPress’ origins as a blogging platform shone through, and provide One Polygon with the means to write articles on the cutting edge field they inhabit, attracting new visitors and improving their search engine scoring.

Twitter Embedding



Utilising Twitter’s Embed API, One Polygon are able to extend their Social Media presence onto their website, linking their online spheres of influence.